the Art of Dance ethical policy


First aid pole dancing picture

The Art of dance aims to be a fully inclusive school giving everyone the chance to practice fitness pole dancing in a safe friendly environment. All art of dance instructors receive ongoing staff/syllabus training and first aid training as well as the latest fitness advice. All instructors carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance.recycle pole dancing picture


The Art of dance aims to minimise the waste it creates and will recycle items wherever possible. Any waste created will be disposed of correctly. We have a ban on single use plastics so please don't bring them into the studio. We sell reusable water bottles and cups for just £8 that are made in the UK from recycled plastic. 25p from the sale of each One Plymouth bottle/cup goes to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The Art of dance aims to reduce the use of harmful chemical products such as cleaning fluids and use ethical alternatives wherever possible. We use Ecover products for cleaning our poles as they are more sympathetic to the environment and are also safer products to use near the skin. All Fair trade logo pole dancing pictureour cleaning products are purchased from Big Green Smile.

The Art of dance will endeavour to buy fair-trade items wherever possible. We already buy fair-trade tea and coffee for our kitchen area.

The Art of dance will buy recycled items wherever possible.

The Art of dance will attempt to locally source all items if possible.


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