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Pole Etiquette

Pole Studio Etiquette.

Entering the studio - Before you rush into the studio make sure the studio is ready for you. Is there a private class going on that may not want disrupting? Check with your instructor if it is Ok to enter.

Warm up -
Try not to be late for the warm up, Ideally aim to get to your class about 15 minutes early so you can get yourself ready for the start of the class. Remember that the warm up is for your benefit as it will help prepare your body for pole and reduce the risk of inury.

Arriving late can be disruptive for the class and may mean you miss out on the important elements of the warm up. Worse case scenario, if you miss too much of the warm up and are not deemed safe to warm up by yourself you may be refused entry and lose your payment.

Lotions and potions
- no matter how bad your desire may be to apply moisture to your skin prior to class think about how that moisture may affect your pole practice and the person you may be sharing a pole with. You both want the best out of your pole learning so think before you apply ;) Fake tan will also ruin your session.

Jewellery - Don't forget that jewellery can damage both you and the pole. Damaged poles are expensive to replace and the damaged pole could cause injury to your pole buddy. Either take your jewellery off or cover it with tape before you start to pole.

Chatter - Whilst it is lovely to hear students chatting to each other in class it is not OK for any student to talk over important information being given from the instructor. Students need to be able to listen to the teaching advice at all times. This includes the warm up and and cool down.

Teaching - PLEASE DON'T TEACH OTHER STUDENTS! You may be able to execute the perfect rainbow marchenko but you are not the teacher and you are not insured to give out advice. You are a student paying to learn and therefore it is not your job to teach.

Love and share the pole - In our classes we have 1-2 students per pole so it is really important that students share the pole. Hogging the pole or simply showing off is unfair on your pole buddy. Encourage each other by all means, take pictures of each other and enjoy the time you spend together. It is polite to ask if you can share the pole, if the class is full you may have no choice but it always nice to ask :)

Photos/Videos - We love you taking photos/videos in class however please be respectful of who is in your photos. Not everyone wants to be plastered on social media especially if they are simply pulling a wedgie in the background.

Your stuff - It's always nice to surround yourself in your pole kit but please be carfeul where you put things. Make sure someone doesn't trip over your misplaced water bottle or catch their foot in your discarded leg warmer. Let's keep the studio safe and tidy :)

Adjusting poles - If you want your pole changed from static to spinning, or vice versa, please ask your instructor, they are the ones who need to make sure the pole is safe :)


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