Pole Dancing FAQs

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I want to start pole dancing but I am very nervous?

It is normal to be apprehensive about trying any new activity. Pole dance classes at the art of dance are very friendly and we do not tolerate any bitchiness or intimidation. Our classes are not competitive and we encourage everyone to work to their own ability. Pole dancing will naturally increase your own self confidence as you exceed your own personal expectations. Some people decide to start with private lessons before starting mixed ability groups but this is not essential.

Do you cater for beginners?

If you are attending pole dance lessons at our Plymouth venue then you will be required to do a one off beginners induction before you can attend our mixed ability classes.This induction will teach you the building blocks of pole giving you a strong framewotk to build upon.

Do I need to attend with a friend?

You can attend our pole dance lessons with friends or on your own. If you do attend on your own you are sure to make new friends quickly within the group. We also run regular social events to help you get to know other students and to give you the opportunity to share your pole dancing experiences with like minded individuals.

Do I need to be fit to start pole dancing?

Our pole dancing classes cater for all abilities so you do not need to have a minimum level of fitness to start. If you have any existing medical conditions or injuries you may wish to consult your GP for advice. We can supply you with a letter to give to your GP to educate them about the nature of our pole dancing classes so that they can decide whether you are Ok to participate. If you have recently had an accident, pregnancy or operation then you may need to seek medical advice before commencing our pole dance classes. We cannot allow you to join our classes if you are pregnant.

Why is pole dancing a good fitness activity?

Pole dancing can burn up to 300+ calories per hour session.
Pole dancing involves both aerobic and anaerobic activity so you get a great workout.
Pole dancing is an all over body workout, it is a myth that it just works the upper body!
Pole dancing will not only improve your physical health but will boost your self confidence too.
Pole dancing is great fun and no doubt you will have many laughs during your workout.
Pole dancing will improve your posture and coordination.
Pole dancing will improve your flexibility and balance.

Are there any age restrictions?

Not really, we have no upper age limit but we do ask that anyone under the age of 16 must attend with a parent/guardian for their first lesson.

Will I be surrounded by thin young ladies?

Our pole dancing classes include an array of different people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing a t-shirt or strappy top, a sports bra and shorts. If you are wearing baggy or denim shorts please ensure you have ample underwear to avoid loss of dignity. Advanced students are advised to wear  crop top / sports bra and shorts. All our lessons are carried out in bare feet.

During the colder months we recommend bringing a tracksuit to wear for the warm up and then to wear again for the cool down, this will help to protect your muscles and aid your comfort.

Do I have to wear shorts?

We recommend shorts as they will enable you to try all areas of our syllabus. If you are uncomfortable wearing shorts you may want to get a skirt to wear over your shorts or try jogging bottoms tat you can roll up. Most of our students find that after their first lesson they cant wait to get into a pair of shorts so that they can attempt many of our painful thigh holds!

Can I moisturise before a pole dance class?

Generally we ask you not to apply any cream, oil, lotion or potion to your skin prior to your pole dance practice. Please also avoid having a fake tan less than 48 hours before a class.

If you do arrive at class with 'slippery skin' you will find it much more difficult to pole dance and could cause unnecessary problems for your fellow students who may be sharing a pole with you!

How many students are there per pole?

At our Plymouth studio we take just 2 people per pole for general lessons. At our Pole Practice sessions we take no more than 3 people per pole. For hen parties we have a maximum of 3 people per pole. N.B. if you are attending another pole dance school be sure to check their student to pole ratio.

N.B. If you are attending another pole school you may want to see if they are Pole dance Community Approved, if they are not this could mean that they are not insured or that they take more than 4 students per pole.

How do I know that the art of dance is a good place to pole dance?

The art of dance is a pole dance community approved pole dance school. This means that we adhere to their strict code of conduct. The art of dance ensures a friendly yet professional atmosphere. We have been teaching pole fitness since 2004.

How are the art of dance instructors qualified to teach pole dancing.

All of our pole dancing instructors must have a significant amount of pole dancing experience before we consider employing them as a pole dancing instructor and all our instructors have a minimum of three years experience teaching/studying pole dance. All of our instructors are first aid trained. All of our instructors receive ongoing staff training and art of dance syllabus training. All of our instructors have been students at the art of dance prior to their employment so that they have first hand experience of what it is like to be a student. All of our instructors are fully insured by the art of dance and they carry both public liability as well as professional indemnity.

Why not read the history of the art of dance to learn more about what has made us one of the UK's most established and recognised pole dancing schools.

What sort of poles do you use?

Our Plymouth studio uses 4 x 42mm stainless steel lupit poles, 1 x 45mm Xpert chrome pole and 1 x 45mm Stainless Xpert Pole  (can be used as static or spinning units).

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