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Pole Dancing Picture Level 5approved_4-star_pole_dancing_instructor_plymouthAAP pole dance grading assessorspin city qualified pole instructor web

Art of dance pole dancing instructor Sam Remmer founded the art of dance in 2004 after commecning pole dancing at the end of 2001. She has been addicted to pole dancing ever since. Her passion for pole dancing has resulted in many pole dancing achievements and an increased desire to share her love of pole dancing with the world.

Sam is known for her intensive teaching and is renowned for phrases such as 'No Pain, No Gain'. Sam is capable of teaching all sizes, shapes and abilities up to Level 5 of the Pole Dance Community Syllabus. Sam's oldest student to date was just 93 years of age.

Rosanna Durban

Rosanna Durban Pole Dancing Pictureapproved_pole_dancing_instructor_plymouthLevel 4 pole dancer PlymouthPole Dance grading assessor

Rosanna Durban is one of the art of dance pole dancing instructors and is much loved for her friendly classes and energetic pole dance workouts. Rosanna is a PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.

Georgina Gale

Georgina Gale Burlesque Picture

Georgina Gale, or Sue as she is known to most of us, has been with the art of dance since it's inception in 2004. Sue has been teaching Pole dancing, The art of TV/TG, Polesque and Burlesque since 2004 and has helped build the confidence of many students throughout the years. Sue has supported the art of dance throughout and is a highly valued instructor.

Lucy Provenzano

Lucy Provenzano Pole teacher

Pole Dancing Picture Level 5approved pole dancing instructor plymouthAAP pole dance grading assessorcertified badge anatomy physiology

Lucy started pole dancing in 2012 and after a successful 3 years poling she joined the art of dance as a teaching assistant. After 6 months training Lucy qualified as a PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor. Lucy is an authorised grading assessor and has undertaken her own level 5 grading earning a distinction.

Lucy has also undertaken and Spin City Anatomy and Physiology Foundation course.

Shin Tan

Shin Tan Pole Dancing Instructor Plymouth

spin city qualified pole instructor webGraded Pole Dancer approved pole dancing instructor plymouth

Shin started pole dancing in 2012 when she joined the University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club. She immediately fell in love with pole dance and has since competed in numerous inter-university and national competitions as well as local showcases. Shin won her first national competition in 2013 Pole Theatre UK in the Pole Art category and is returning in 2016 to compete in the finals of the Semi-Pro category.

Linda Jerrett

Linda Jerret Pole Dancing Instructorspin city qualified pole instructor weblevel 4 dancerapproved pole dancing instructor plymouth


Linda started pole dancing with the Art of Dance in 2010 and she quickly demonstrated her strength and determination on the pole.

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