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Rosanna Durban is one of the art of dance pole dancing instructors and is much loved for her friendly classes and energetic pole dance workouts. Rosanna is a PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.


Rosanna's background in podium dancing allows her to create fun and funky routines that she teaches during her regular sequencing classes and to private pole dancing groups. Click here to see archive footage of Rosanna podium dancing in Newquay.


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Rosanna joined the art of dance in 2006 after completing a PoleCats instructor qualification. Rosanna quickly adapted to the art of dance syllabus and can now teach up to Level 5 of the Pole Dance Community Syllabus. Rosanna teaches her regular Wednesday and Thursday night mixed ability pole dancing classes at 6.15pm and 7.30pm as well as her Saturday morning class every other week at 11.30am.


Rosanna was also the principal instructor for our Exeter venue which we ran for 3 years. Rosanna's students still travel from Exeter once a month for a private pole dancing lesson so that they don't miss out on her charismatic lessons.


Rosanna's choreography experience makes her a perfect choice for booking private lessons for those wanting to link their pole dancing moves or for those wanting an increased cardiovascular workout. Rosanna is also available to teach hen activities, birthday parties, team builds and 1 2 1 pole dancing lessons. To book scheduled group or private pole dancing lessons in Plymouth with Rosanna just click here.


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Rosanna has a considerable amount of performance pole dancing experience including regular appearances at art of dance black tie events and socials as well as public events such as the Vestival and Run to the Sun. Rosanna has been hired to perform at many private function. In 2007 Sam Remmer and Rosanna Durban flew to a prestigious party in Dublin where they pole danced alongside Jenevieve Chang. You can hire Rosanna and any of the art of dance instructors and performers by clicking here. In 2016 Rosanna performed at the Port Eliot Festival.

You can also view Rosanna's Thriller inspired pole dance routine that she choreographed in 2010. Click here to view.

In 2011 Rosanna completed a successful Level 4 dancer grading in line with the Pole Dance Community Advancement and Accreditation Programme, she also took part in the first ever PDC syllabus filming day.

As a PDC approved instructor Rosanna is also an approved AAP assessor allowing her to grade pole dancing students at their respective levels.

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